If you are very sick and show multiple symptoms of corona, your doctor will refer you to the hospital. Often you will be placed in a special ward for corona patients. This is to protect yourself and other people. The hospital staff will wear protective clothing. Usually some tests will follow to see if a hospital admission is useful. Then the decision will be made whether you have to stay in hospital or whether you can safely go home. There are more and more options for home treatment. Whether we will be able to control the pandemic completely remains to be seen. But fortunately the pressure on the hospital is decreasing.

What can you expect from a corona hospital?

When you end up in the Corona Hospital you will be admitted to a special ward. This can be either the ICU or the SEH. There is also a separate department in the ER where they assess whether you need to be admitted to hospital. Some cases can be treated at home with an oxygen machine. Of course under the supervision of a doctor. When you are admitted to hospital you will see that the staff wear protective clothing and glasses. This is to prevent the disease from spreading further. The hospitalization differs per hospital, it can be on a ward or in a tent. When you have to cough a lot, you often get a mouth cap.

How does the corona hospital work?

Depending on the tests, the corona hospital will draw up a treatment plan. You will be treated as a corona patient until the results are available. If you test positive, you will often be transferred directly to the corona hospital ward. If you test negative, the doctor may let you go home. But they can also perform additional tests if your symptoms are severe. If you have mild symptoms, you can often go home or to a designated care hotel. But if your symptoms are severe, you will be admitted immediately. A treatment plan will then be drawn up together with your nearest and dearest.

What happens if you don't get treated at the hospital for corona?

If you are not seriously ill, you will not be treated in hospital for corona-related complaints. Sometimes you can be quarantined at home with supervision from a doctor or a ventilator. You can also be sent to a nursing home where they will treat you. Here too, the staff will wear protective clothing. When you are well enough you can go home. There is also the possibility of going to a care hotel. Here they can treat you when you have no loved ones or family who are able to do so.

How does the corona treatment work?

In a corona hospital they have a separate department for treating patients with corona related complaints. There is no medication yet to cure corona. But there are several treatments and medications that have a positive effect. However, these have not yet been approved by the Health Council. However, because of the size of the pandemic, it has been decided to start a treatment. Mainly your body will have to do the work itself with a little help from medication for example for the lungs. If there is no room in the hospital, you will be transferred to another hospital in the Netherlands. There is no need for permission from loved ones or family. But the doctors will inform the people close to you.

The development of the corona virus and the hospitalizations

At the moment there is a favourable development in the number of admissions of corona patients to the hospital. However, this does not mean that the pandemic has been defeated. This is partly because many hospital staff are home sick. And that results in longer waiting times for regular treatments. But there are also many hospital employees who haven't had a vacation in over a year. And that enjoyment of a day off or holiday cannot be expressed in money. So even when corona is over we will still have the after-effects of this for a few years. And whether we can get it completely under control remains to be seen.

Advice on corona-related complaints

When you have corona related complaints it is wise to stay at home and take a good rest. If you have doubts about the seriousness of the situation, it is always wise to consult your GP. They often have an isolated consultation or the assistant can discuss with the doctor that you should go to the hospital. As soon as symptoms such as a cold or illness arise, it is important that you do not come into contact with people. This is the only way to overcome the corona pandemic.

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