What makes a reading tray so useful?

So a magazine rack is hip again, but which kind do you choose? Or which one suits your desk best?

Are there loose A4s lying all over your desk or do you have untidy piles of paper and can't find what you're looking for? Reading bins don't bring order to your workplace, whether at home or in the office. From invoices to letters and other papers get a neat place. They fit neatly on a desk or shelf, and many of our reading bins are easy to pull out through the opening. There are different types of reading trays. A reading tray made of wood, black reading trays, white reading trays or with a pattern. Look around and find a magazine rack that fits your workspace!

What is a reading tray?

The newspaper rack, or also called a reading tray or magazine rack, is gaining ground again in many households. We always saw them in coffee shops, but now we can enjoy them again at home. And they are also being bought more and more. A newspaper rack has long since ceased to be something only your parents had. After all, stacking up your magazines and turning them into a side table may sound handy and probably look nice. But as soon as you bump into it, throw your cup of tea over it or your cat sharpens its nails on it, the usefulness of this "pile of side tables" is completely gone. Store your magazines and newspapers neatly in a nice bin.

Where do you place such a reading tray?

When you decide to purchase a reading tray, it is convenient that you also place or hang it in the right place. Because some kinds have beautiful designs on the front that you would actually want to frame and hang on the wall. But you also have some that you can place nicely on the coffee table as a conversation starter when visitors come over. No matter where you want to hang your magazines, now you can store them neatly and without folds or tears and they will never have to swing around again.

On the wall

Always wanted to frame that beautiful cover and hang it on the wall? Then you can when you choose a magazine rack on the wall. There are in fact very nice magazine racks for on the wall in which the beautiful design of your favorite magazine can be seen, also by others! Choose a beautiful, romantic, wooden rack to place against the wall or an industrial metal rack to hang.

On the floor

Do you read newspapers more often and don't feel the need to hang them on the wall so much? Then buy a nice wooden basket or newspaper that you can put on the floor. A large basket full of magazines or newspapers creates a cozy and homey feeling where people will feel at home faster.

On the table

There are also beautiful magazine racks that you can put on your dining table as a decorative item. And there are also magazine racks that fit perfectly on or next to your desk and don't take up so much space so you always have your reference books easily to hand. Do you like to hang out on the couch with a magazine? Then place a small bin next to the couch or on the coffee table so you can access it right away.

But which material do you choose?

Magazines come in many shapes and sizes, which is why they are made of different materials. The most popular materials are wood and metal. Baskets are also made of wicker, and you can also find or designer reading bins made of acrylic.


Metal shelving provides a more industrial look. Do you like modern and urban design? Then these racks are the one for you. They look neat and tidy, but are not too sleek. They provide a vintage look and can also be beautiful if you like a mix between romantic and modern.


Then there are the wooden newspaper bins, these are also popular. They come in the form of baskets or standing or hanging racks, but the classic wooden crate is not lacking either. Which shape you choose depends on what you want with the newspaper rack. If you want it to take up as little space as possible, go for a rack that you can place against the wall. Do you have a lot of square footage and would like your living room to look a little less empty? Then choose a nice big basket that you can put next to the sofa or in a corner. Do you like to have something small for next to your chair or on your desk? Then choose a nice small reading tray.

But so are many other reading bins, see which one suits you best.

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