An aluminum boat is a strong and low maintenance boat compared to a rubber boat. It looks rather cold but it is worth it. It is also better protected against moisture, wind and UV damage. Because of the strong construction you will have to repair it less often. Also, the value of the boat is maintained so you can sell it again at a favourable price. In addition, aluminium does not rust or warp, which again saves on maintenance. It is also non-flammable which is better for safety.

Where can you buy an aluminium boat?

You can buy an aluminum boat from various boat sellers around the country. It is also a durable and safe choice to do so. The steel makes sure you are lighter so you also save a lot on fuel. Because aluminum doesn't wear out that fast you can sell it for a nice price when you don't use it anymore. Often you can trade it in at several boat sellers for a favourable trade-in price.

What are the costs for an aluminium boat?

An aluminium boat can be bought new for around €5000. Second hand models are already available from €1500. So this is a relatively low price for buying a boat. However, depending on the function of the boat it can go up to around 100,000 euros. It is just what kind of luxury you want to experience. And second hand is much cheaper than a new one. The advantage is that the value of a boat made entirely of aluminium will not drop. This is because it is easy to maintain and cannot rust. Spending a little extra for such boats is often worth it. And when you are fed up with it, you can often sell it without making a big loss. These boats are also protected against weather influences.

Advantages of an aluminium boat

The main advantage of buying an aluminum boat is that they are a sustainable investment. The value of these boats usually remains almost the same after a few years. This is because aluminium does not age quickly and cannot rust. This makes a difference in the appearance but also in the maintenance. In addition, they do not warp under severe weather conditions. And they are partially protected against UV radiation. So he remains in the same neat condition as when you bought it. They are also relatively light in weight so you can easily move them around. The material protects itself well so that almost no damage occurs.

What is an aluminium boat made of?

An aluminum boat consists as the word suggests mainly of aluminum. However you have to be careful when buying these boats. Many sellers have variants that are only partially or with certain parts made of aluminum. These are not as strong as we have discussed above. To determine strength, the boat must be made of 55% or more. That 55% is mainly seen on the hull and the outside of the boat. The inside is often made of other materials. These can of course be damaged and therefore it is important to protect these parts well.

Disadvantages aluminum boat

The biggest disadvantage of an aluminum boat is that most people don't think it has a look. This is because it is very sleekly designed and only made in limited colours. You could pimp it with special foil which would make it look better. In the long run aluminum oxide can cause white deposits. It may not look nice, but it will provide better protection. It is also relatively expensive to buy, which stops a lot of people from doing so. But the other side of the story is that the value is also preserved so you can sell it later for a favourable price.

What should you pay attention to when buying an aluminum boat?

The most important part when buying an aluminum boat is the inspection. After all, you do not want to buy a worn-out boat. But it can also be that it has a leak without you noticing it. Therefore it is wise to make a test drive first. Fortunately an aluminium boat cannot rust and only gets a white rash. But you can cover the rash with foil and it will look like new again. The oxidation also protects you better so the value is actually even higher. The lifespan of this boat is much longer, so the price is also a bit higher. Maybe you have to save some time before you can buy one. They are also non-flammable so you can sail safely.

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