The Bengal cat has its origin in the European zoos. It was a mix of crossbred cats that were fairly large. Now we know him as a smaller version and mainly as a pet. This is because they are increasingly crossed with domestic cats. The Bengal originally evolved from a leopard-like Asian cat species. This breed can be recognized by its distinctive color coat and long stretched body. Raising these cats is more difficult than raising a standard house cat. In 1889 he got his name from a British journalist. In 1946 they really started with the mass breeding of this cat breed.

How to recognize the Bengal cat?

The Bengal cat can be recognized by its long appearance of about 30 centimeters. Most species also have some sort of leopard spots. They are often delicate creatures that weigh up to 6 kg. Their body is muscular for a reason. However, the head is just as big as that of other cats. Also the ears are the same as with other domestic cats. There are 2 varieties of this cat. The spotted variety can be recognized by the leopard-like spots. But also the marbled which stands for the drawn and reflecting version of this housecat. Usually they have an orange, gold, amber or sand color. But there is also a certain shine to the coat.

The character of the Bengal cat

The character of the Bengal cat has gone through many developments over the years. Only at the 5th generation was this a tame cat and suitable as a pet. Now they are known as attentive and sweet cats. But they are also curious and alert. However, they do require more attention than other cats. The endurance of this species is namely much higher. So it helps to have enough toys for these cats. But you will also have to work with them regularly to make sure they really get tired. A big garden or a lot of climbing possibilities promotes the happiness of these cats.

Finding the right breeder for a Bengal cat

You can recognize the right breeder of a Bengal cat by the way he or she is raised. By nature, there is still a hunting instinct in this breed. A good breeder will make sure that he tames the cat. Most breeders are also member of a recognized breeding association for cats. He also takes care of the health of his animals. So it is important to listen carefully to the advice. But you also have to check the animal passport for vaccinations and check when and how much this cat needs them. In the contract you often get a short guarantee. This is to exclude hereditary diseases.

What is the Bengal cat known for?

The Bengal cat is nowadays well known as a sweet and playful cat. A Bengal cat can live up to 12 to 16 years. Unfortunately, males have 2 years less life. The species as we know it now originates from the United States. After many breeding experiments, this Asian leopard cat has been bred to a true house cat. The kittens behaved from the age of 3the generation as tame creatures. But the males only from the 5the generation and beyond. Be careful when choosing a breeder. This cat is also known for the many rare diseases that he or she can get. Not vaccinating on time and negligence in hygiene can make these cats very sick.

What does a Bengal cat cost?

The estimated cost of a Bengal cat is around 1000 euros. However, you should also take into account that you need to get several toys for the cat to keep him or her moving. It is important that you offer these cats enough space to play. This can be one of the conditions of the recognized breeders. But also the animal protection authorities enforce this strongly. Always make sure you have the right papers when you want to buy this cat. This prevents problems now and in the future.

Why do people buy a Bengal cat?

The Bengal cat is sold a lot by breeders in the Netherlands. This is because leopard-like patterns, fabrics and therefore pets are very popular in Holland. Besides that, the fur is thick and shiny which gives the cat a beautiful look. From the 4the generation of Bengal cats you may also enter beauty contests. There are many people doing this throughout Europe and the US. On average they have a weight of 5.5 to 9 kg, where 6 kg is the target weight. This means that you do not have a heavy cat and you can easily lift him or her. Because of the somewhat longer head he also has a certain charisma that makes people fall in love with him. But especially the muscular body which can stretch far convinces people to buy one.

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