In the Netherlands there are 15 places where you can buy a cocker spaniel from a recognised breeder. A recognized breeder offers the assurance that they are raised in a good environment. They take into account the freedom of movement of the dog and the sufficient availability of food. They are also evaluated on temperature and attention. Also, a mother may not be younger than 16 months and the puppy may only be taken away after 7 weeks. The mother is only allowed to have one litter a year. And of course they check if the breeder is trustworthy and doesn't keep it a secret about the way they make puppies. They also have to have the right documents.

Buying a Cocker Spaniel from a breeder

When you are going to buy a cocker spaniel from a breeder, you want to have a look at him first. At recognized breeders you can also see if it is still with its mother or not. It is important that they stay with the mother the first 7 weeks and only then they are separated. This is of vital importance for the development of the pup. And of course you also want the mother to be well taken care of. Brood breeders usually don't let you see the mother. This is because they are probably breeding too early. You can also choose to buy an English cocker spaniel at a breeder. These are often much more expensive.

What to look for when buying a cocker spaniel from a breeder

It is important that you look at the living environment of the cocker spaniel at the breeder. When the cocker spaniel is 7 weeks or younger, he may not leave the nest. A recognized breeder will even let you see the mother dog. Because a puppy is fragile, you should pay attention to hygiene. Ask the breeder if you can wash your hands somewhere. The pups don't have such a good resistance yet and hygiene is therefore very important. Listen also well to the instructions of the breeder, you are a guest with him or her. With most breeders you may only after the 2the visit take the pup. But it can also be that they keep the pup at least 9 weeks before you can take it home. That way you can think with your whole family if it is the right choice.

What makes the cocker spaniel so special

A cocker spaniel which you buy from a breeder will grow into a sweet and happy dog. He or she has a cute face and develops large ears which makes him even cuter. They are also affectionate dogs that like to be with you and are always in for a game. It is important that you take a dog or puppy course. The dogs can be quite stubborn when they are young. And when you don't take care of this, it will cause a lot of problems when they are grown up. The coat of the dog needs to be brushed regularly. But then you get a very nice and sweet dog in return.

What is the difference between a cocker spaniel and an english cocker spaniel breeder

An English cocker spaniel breeder raises the dogs differently. Originally, the dogs were used for hunting birds. So he or she is good at hunting birds. But you can also educate him so that he only catches the birds when they are shot. On average they become 14 years old. In the meantime, they are usually trained to be enthusiastic companion dogs. But in some places you can still buy them for hunting. In Great Britain for example they do this. For both large and small families this is a must. They are good family people and often listen to multiple owners. Although they can be rather stubborn in the beginning.

What is the average price for a cocker spaniel at a breeder?

A cocker spaniel costs on average about 1000 to 1250 euros at the breeder. Always pay attention that you get a purchase contract from the breeder. Often you get this during your first visit when you buy him at a recognized breeder. They find it important that you can read the guarantees and conditions at your leisure. It can always happen that a dog carries a hereditary disease that is not immediately recognizable. It is of course annoying if he has this and therefore they usually give a guarantee of about 1 year. 

You should also pay attention to what vaccinations he or she has had. During the first years of life they need a lot more. This is because they have to build up their resistance. Also keep in mind that there are additional costs such as worming, flea control and any vet bills.

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