An employment expert examines the possibilities that exist for you on the labour market. This may also apply if you already work somewhere. If you are having a lot of trouble with the work or the work environment, an employment expert can come and see how this is going. He or she will then be able to assess what you can do to improve your working conditions. If this is not possible, he or she will talk to you about finding other work. Often this expert comes from a private organization. But they are also there for benefit recipients. Often this is then eventually assessed by an organization such as the UWV.

What does an employment expert do?

The employment expert can work with you to find a job. Important questions are: what can you do and what do you like? But they also look at the feasibility of this work and whether it will not be too much for you. They also know how to get in touch with companies that can adapt the workplace to your wishes. So there is a place for almost everyone on the labor market. When the work is difficult, you can look with them for other suitable work within the company. If this is not possible, they can look into what the problems are and how you can make it work. If the employer does not go along with this, it might be wise to look for another job.

What can you expect from an occupational health assessment?

During an employment assessment the possibilities for you on the labour market are examined. The employment expert will carry out various examinations with you to see what you do best and what you could still develop. Furthermore, they often know how to get in touch with employers who can take this into account. Therefore, there is almost always work to be found for each individual. Even if you already have a job but find it too demanding, an employment assessment can contribute to recognising the problems. But it can also help to give you an insight whether this is where your strengths lie. In short a lot is possible and often an appropriate advice is given.

Labour expert restore imbalance and dysfunction

When things do not go well at work or you have difficulty performing a task, an occupational health expert can help you. They have a broad view of the work and the working conditions that go with it. They can often recognise the points that have thrown you off balance with an employer. This could be because of a change in the company structure, but it could also be that you have physically deteriorated. With dysfunction they look at the working conditions and whether it is possible to hold another (lighter) position in case of physical complaints. But they also look at the changes within the company and how this might have affected you mentally. If all this is not possible, they will look for a new workplace where you would fit in.

Prevention by employment expert

The employment expert has also taken on the task of prevention. With this they look for the reasons why you can no longer cope with your work and/or why there are more colleagues with the same problems. You can become quite unbalanced when the work takes its toll physically. But also mentally this happens more and more. It is becoming more and more common that people have to work harder for the same salary. This is obviously not feasible for everyone. A round of dismissals can also have a great impact on your mental health and the feeling of your position within the company. An employment expert can help you find the right balance. They can also talk to the company. This is often to see what they can do to maintain your function and not to ask too much of you.

Occupational expert in case of long-term illness

An employment expert can also come into the picture in the event of long-term illness. This applies not only to people who receive benefits from the UWV. It also applies to people who do not receive benefits. It is often possible to make adjustments to the workplace so that the employee can resume his or her work. It may also be possible to temporarily continue some of the work from home. The aim of the occupational health expert is a speedy and responsible return to work. This does not always have to be your problem, but they also look at what the employer can do in this respect.


An employment expert can provide support to both the employer and the employee. They mainly look at how a work situation can be made feasible for both parties. But they also assess whether you are still physically and mentally capable. When you lose many colleagues or have had too heavy a job lately, problems often arise. Together with you and your employer, they will look for a suitable solution. If this is not feasible, they can often mediate in finding a new job.

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