The Guess watch for ladies gets a collection every year with dozens of new models which are suitable for that year. Of course they also grow with the competition and the possibilities that a watch should have. Prices start from about € 199, - so it's not such a crazy expensive watches. The brand is known for the conspicuousness that they give a watch. They do this not only for adults, but also for children. So you have nice cartoons in a watch for children or adults who love this. You also have models that have different colors, but also models that are full of fake diamonds. Like Michael Kors, they also make use of beautiful rose gold that matches many outfits.

Where can you buy the Guess watch for ladies?

There are many places where you can buy the Guess watch ladies. So you can often find them at the affordable jewelers. The Bijenkorf has for decades some exclusive models of this brand in its collection. There are also more and more online shops that sell these watches. We now live in a society where almost half of the consumers buy one or more products online. Also, these watches distinguish themselves in the use of various types of tires. You can choose a metal band, but they also have a large collection of leather straps. Consumers are enticed by the fact that there is thought about the smallest details in the ladies watch collection. The sleek lines is a reason why many people buy this watch. Besides different textures, they often choose striking colors that really make you stand out.

These are the costs of these watches

A Guess watch ladies you can buy outside the sale seen around €199, -. The fanciest watches cost between € 599, - and 799. There are also regular models from the collection of a provider. You can then often buy at a reduced price. There are also several jewelers that regularly throw the watches on clearance. This is because it is a model of a particular season, but it may also be that they already make room for the new collection. 

In addition, you can see more and more outlets online where you can order these. This ensures that it has become affordable for people who do not have enough to spend. But you have to be quick, because in the outlet they are usually sold out quickly. At the big department stores, you can often pre-order the new models before they hit the market. That way, you can be the first to have a new ladies' watch in your home.

The Guess watch ladies has a large share of the market

The Guess watch ladies has been on the market for a while now. So we see that a large part of the market chooses this popular brand. Like Michael Kors, they have chosen to buy the materials in large quantities so they are competitively priced. This also ensures that you see a lot of people walking with these watches. The brand grows every year and the new designs are always amazing. However, you see at Guess always a little bit of humor or something striking and that is where they eventually attract customers.

Buy an affordable Guess watch for ladies

A Guess watch ladies is reasonably affordable because they are already from € 199, - new to get. Several jewelers also hold seasonal clearance which makes it even cheaper to buy a solid and fashionable watch. You can also see that more and more brands choose for an outlet at the stores where they are sold. This way they get rid of the surplus and this is of course already calculated in the price.

Why are ladies so fond of these watches?

Most women love the Guess watch ladies because it is just a little bit different than the other watches. Besides the fact that these often have a funny or striking character, there is also a lot of colour used. The finish is fairly flat and flat what most people experience as pleasant. It is a striking, but not too striking watch. You can choose what you like because there is a very large collection. Also for the older or younger ladies there is a nice and tightly finished watch to find. It is a brand that focuses on all ages and designs. Often you need a new one every year to stay in fashion, but where is that not with you?

Stay on time with a fashionable Guess ladies watch

The Guess watch ladies is a watch of high quality. There is much chosen for zirconia and rose gold as material. This gives just that extra shine which women love. Also the special and unique dials make sure that this brand sells better and better. They often have a round flat finish with a slightly larger size than the standard watch. This is not only easier to read, but also stands out well. They are also busy developing smartwatches.

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