On the internet and at local entrepreneurs there is often the possibility to rent a bike. The advantage of the internet is that you can immediately see the prices. Also you can see what different models are available. If you are going to ride off road then it is often useful to rent a mountain bike. But if you are going to ride through the city then you will want to rent a city bike. If you are older or have physical problems then an electric bike may be an option. If you rent an electric bike you will benefit from support while pedaling. This way you will not or hardly get tired of cycling.

Why rent a bike?

Renting a bike can be useful when you don't cycle much each year. A bicycle can be a high cost item in the purchase. By renting one you can save on these costs. But a bicycle also needs regular maintenance. When a bike is in the shed or outside it can get rusty or dust can get between the chains. This is why people who only ride a bike a few times a year prefer to rent one. Or what about people who go on vacation. If you want to drag the bike along at all, you usually can't take them all with you. You also have to buy a special carrier. Because renting is cheaper it is often decided to do this at the place of destination.

Which bikes can you rent

At most rental companies you can rent different types of bikes. For example, you have bikes for women and men. But also for certain lengths and possibly with or without a crossbar. And also for children there are several models available. So they can choose whether they want to ride a practical or a cool bike. Grandpa and grandma should also be able to rent a bike. Fortunately, we now have electric bicycles and e-bikes for this purpose. These bikes are equipped with support so they can keep up with the pace. Now the day or weekend out is complete. Or you can have a lot more fun during your holiday and the nice nature trails.

Renting an electric bicycle

Renting an electric bicycle offers many advantages such as extra comfort and more speed. It is ideal for medium or long distances. This depends on the battery. Always ask the company where you want to rent your bike. Most electric bikes can reach a speed of more than 25 km per hour. They also offer support so you don't have to pedal as much and you can move forward more easily. You can easily adjust the speed using the special settings or gears. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative as a replacement for a car or moped, for example. Most batteries are quickly charged and therefore cost little power. But also when they are defective you can fully recycle them.

What do you look for when renting a bike?

When renting a bike, you should of course check that the tyres have enough pressure. You can also ask the rental company if you can take a test ride. Some people are used to their own bike and every bike is different. A reliable company will always allow this and usually they have different types of bikes available. One person likes to ride with gears and the other without. But you can also choose to ride electric. If you want to ride electric, always ask for an explanation about the battery and how to remove it. This differs per type and there is no standard for this.

What is the advantage of renting a bike

Renting a bicycle is advantageous if you do not cycle much. But also for people without storage space this can be a solution. This because a bicycle outside is often stolen or weathered by heavy rainfall. But also when you go on vacation it can be handy. So you can easily move and explore the nature at your destination. But also big companies like the NS offer this type of rental. This is so that you can easily travel to work or to places where there is no bus stop. Walking takes a long time and renting a bike is often not even that expensive.

What are the disadvantages of renting a bike?

There are also disadvantages to renting a bike. This is especially true for electric bikes. These have a certain action radius per battery. When the bike has been rented a lot it can be that the battery runs out faster or that the bike spontaneously stops working. When you have to move the bike very often it can be an expensive hobby. It is a kind of loan for which you get nothing in return. Yes at the moment but after that you don't have access to it anymore.

Rent a bike at the station?

The ns also provides a bicycle on a rental basis. According to their own words, this provides more freedom and movement in places where there are no trains. There are more than 300 bike locations spread over the whole of the Netherlands by the Dutch Railways. Not only at the train stations but also at metro, bus and parking lots. You can rent them with the ov chip card at a favourable rate. But for the business customer there are even more advantages. Think of a day, week or month subscription. 

To rent a bike or not?

The choice of whether or not to rent a bike is up to you. Of course it is handy when you are up for a while. Also when you are on holiday it can be handy. But when you need a bicycle more often it is smarter to buy one. You only pay the purchase price once. And often we see with electric bikes that are rented that they have a lower action radius. This means that you can't cover as many long distances. 

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