Everything under the products of Apple so from phone to PC falls under Apple repair.
When you offer an Apple iPhone for repair, it will usually be repaired within 6-8 business days. This applies only when you offer it for repair at the official authorized dealer. So when you go to a normal phone shop the repair time can be longer. For the repair of a Macbook or iMac is no fixed repair time. Please check with your local Apple Retailer for more information.

What are the Apple repair fees?

Repair costs for Apple products vary by part. At the Apple store you can only get original replacement parts. The disadvantage of this is that they are very expensive, but the device or computer is usually worth it. This depends on how long you have owned the device. You could also choose to have it repaired by a phone shop. They often use imitation parts that are much cheaper. Only disadvantage is that they break down more often. And when you don't let Apple do it for you, the warranty on all the parts will be voided. So you have to think about this.

Where can I get an Apple Screen Repair?

The screen repair costs of an Apple product vary greatly. It depends on what device you have and what size screen goes in it. But also how big the screen is and what material it is made of have an influence. In Belgium you can have imitation parts put in for about €70. In the Netherlands it is possible from €120. An original screen for the Apple iPhone starts from €171,10. If you have a newer model this can go up to €361,10 if it is out of warranty. On the Apple website you can check whether something is under warranty or not. You can do this by entering the serial number.

How to get an Apple iMac repair?

Through the official Apple site you can request a repair for your iMac. All common repairs can then be done. The costs differ but start at €99,-. You can also take out an insurance with Apple+ for certain types of damage. This can save you a lot of money when accidents happen at home on a regular basis. Because everything is in the screen of an iMac the repair is much more difficult. This is because the parts are much and much smaller. For phone devices there are also recognized Apple service providers. These can be found on the website of Apple. So you know that here the repair is also the same as in the Apple store.

How to get an Apple iPhone repair?

When your Apple iPhone is defective you can request a repair at the Apple care center. The replacement of the original parts is on the pricey side. So it is wise to take out an insurance for this in advance. Apple also offers various insurances for certain defects. But you could also go to the phone store to repair parts. This is much cheaper but you will waste any remaining warranty. And you obviously do not get as solid parts as you're used to from the original brand.

How to get a Macbook repaired and how much does it cost?

An Apple Macbook repair is also requested through the official website of Apple. On an expensive device like the iMac you do not want to place imitation parts. You also throw away your warranty if you do not let Apple do it for you. Often you purchase an Apple + insurance which many damage is covered. For the exact coverage you should always consult the website of Apple.

Apple Accessory Repair

You can also get your Apple Genuine Accessories repaired. Typically, a keyboard or mouse will cost around $35 to repair. This applies per part. Is the casing broken and the laser broken, you pay of course the double rate. Also, the battery built into the keyboard may be defective. This can be remedied by the Apple store by installing a new battery. If you have a warranty, this is often covered by the basic coverage. In most cases this costs nothing or only part of the excess. However, people often decide to buy new because the price difference is small and you have several years of warranty. This is a choice you have to make yourself and we cannot make it for you.

Apple Macbook battery repair

A Macbook battery may also need repair from time to time. If you use it frequently, it may need to be replaced within a few years. This has to do with the number of charging cycles the battery can complete. The repair of this battery is usually not so bad and depending on the model it costs €139,- to €209 outside the warranty period. Compared to the purchase price and the enjoyment you will have from this laptop, this is nothing.

Repair requests for Apple products

To request a repair for an Apple product, visit your local Apple Retail Store. You can also choose to request a repair online. In that case you will have to send in your product and there are costs involved. In case of problems Apple always recommends to visit an Apple dealer. Perhaps it can be fixed within a few minutes in the store. It would be a shame to lose your computer or laptop for a few weeks. This is quite short, because other providers usually have a longer time period, up to 90 days.

What to expect

If you offer an Apple product for repair at the Apple store, you can be sure that the original parts are used. This is important because they are very expensive when you have to have them repaired out of warranty. In most locations you can pick up your Apple products within a few days. When it has to go to the repair center of Apple it takes about 1 to 2 weeks maximum. If it takes longer they will inform you about this. You buy a quality product so the repair is in practice much faster than that you are used to from other brands.

Repair of other Apple parts

Also parts which are outside the standard warranty of Apple can be offered for repair. These are parts like the home button of an iPhone. But also parts that are damaged by liquids. Often there are enough parts that you only need to replace the defective ones. The costs for these repairs vary. There are no or only a few fixed amounts. Check with your local Apple dealer. Always have it done by an Apple Authorized Service Provider. That way you know you're getting the right parts.

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