A concrete look floor is a floor made of other materials that has a concrete-like appearance. It is often almost indistinguishable from a real one. These are usually made of PVC, which is very suitable for intensive use. You no longer have to worry about the floor wearing out quickly because of the use class 32. When a PVC concrete look floor is laid seamlessly, it can last for many years. If they are stable, you have little chance of cracks or holes. You must take into account that you have a flat and dust and grease free subfloor is laid. If this does not happen, bulges or cracks can quickly appear.

Why a PVC concrete look floor?

Real concrete often has a cold and chilly feeling compared to PVC. That is why the concrete look floor of PVC is often chosen. In addition, these floors are much quieter than other floors. This is not only nice for yourself but also for the neighbours. When they are laid seamlessly, they will not wear out quickly. They are maintenance friendly floors compared to other types. They also retain more heat, which is ideal in combination with underfloor heating. These floors have a good insulating function. They also don't wear out very quickly which is ideal for busy families where the floor is used a lot.

Laying a seamless PVC concrete look floor

On the internet, you can find several companies and people who will seamlessly apply your pvc concrete look floor. It is smart to have this done by a professional or an experienced person. This is because laying pvc is not as easy as it seems. And you do want to enjoy it for many years. Often companies where you buy these floors offer an installation service. Depending on the size of the floor, they may charge a fee. For larger properties, they often offer this service as a service of the company and they often do this for free. Always ask about this as it is important that the floor is laid seamlessly.

The advantages of a pvc concrete look floor

The biggest advantage of a PVC concrete look floor is that it also offers warmth. This is in contrast to a real concrete floor. In addition, the material is also much more resistant to fall and impact damage. However, it must be laid seamlessly. It brings your home to life as it were and can be combined with almost all furniture. Especially people who have a rural or industrial styling in their home choose this floor. But they are also protected against water and moisture damage that can occur in the home. You can use them not only in the home but also in the bathroom or kitchen. And most of all, this floor is chosen by people who don't like noise. With this PVC floor, the noise stays below 10 decibels so the neighbors will hardly complain.

What does a it cost?

A concrete look PVC floor costs on average between 25 and 50 euros per square meter. Here we are talking about the click variant which remains more solid. There are also adhesive versions which are less durable and you pay a lot less for them, around 9.95 to 44.95 euros per square meter. We do recommend a click floor because it stays in place better. You can choose whether you want to lay a pattern in the floor or whether it should be straight and seamless. Most companies will lay these floors for free. If this is not the case, try to get a discount so that you can have the installation done for free.

Why would you choose a concrete look pvc floor?

A concrete look pvc floor looks like a concrete floor but offers many more advantages. One example is the insulation and warmth that you have from this. Concrete normally feels cold while a concrete look floor does not. If you have underfloor heating in your home, you will also notice that it becomes very warm under your feet. In addition, a PVC floor can usually be delivered quickly. So you don't have to wait unnecessarily long before you can enjoy it. Most stores offer a free installation service or charge a small fee. But this is more than worth it because a well-laid floor lasts a long time. You can also get it in different patterns, sizes and colours. So you can also combine it with anything.

The conclusion

A concrete look PVC floor is not only a durable solution but also fits almost anywhere. In addition, it can be laid seamlessly if you let a professional do it. The lifespan of these floors is also many times longer. And the warmth under your feet is many times greater, so you will hardly ever have cold feet again. And what about the possibilities in terms of patterns. But even having it laid in an alternating or specific pattern is negotiable. In short, enough reason to lay this floor when the old floor has to be removed.

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