Many people have their containers cleaned every month. This can often be done from 5 euros per month. This is also frequently used. This is because you spend a lot of time cleaning these containers yourself. For such a small monthly amount people like to outsource this. It's not only for the hygiene but also for the smell in the garden. This can be done for both individuals and business customers. Each container can be cleaned in this way. Also home garden and kitchen containers. There are also several ways to do this yourself. We will go through some of these easy tips with you.

What is the average cost for a one-off container cleaning?

The cleaning of a container does not have to be expensive. When you choose for a monthly cleaning you can do this from €5,- a month. If you want to have it done once, you often have to pay €29 or more. So it is not wise to have a container cleaned once. It is best to do this in a monthly form. It is also possible to pay per year at an even more favorable rate. Inquire about this on the internet or call one of the companies that offer this. Often they take them to the company where they have a separate car wash for this. But there are also companies that do this on location. This can save a lot of time, but it is often a bit more expensive.

How can you clean a container yourself?

It is best to clean a container with a lemony scent. This repels various insects and can greatly inhibit the arrival of flies. Another tip is to put old newspapers at the bottom of the container. This ensures that a large part of the moisture is absorbed. You could also buy biodegradable bins from a shop and place them in the container. If you have some ivy in your garden, you can also cut a branch from it and place it at the bottom of the container. This prevents maggots in the container. You can also fill old pantyhose with mothballs, which repels flies. And so there are thousands of tips. Too many to mention here.

Container cleaning on location?

Many waste disposal companies offer the service of container cleaning on site. At set times they will go around the whole neighbourhood to pick it up. Often this doesn't have to cost that much. Taking out a monthly or yearly subscription can save a lot. That's because they like to keep the regular customers happy. And with a tight schedule and several containers to be picked up they still earn some money. Cleaning on location is much more expensive. This is because there are only a few people who require this. But also that there must be at least 2 employees because of the safety and speed of the work.

Advantages of cleaning containers

Cleaning a container or having it cleaned ensures that you have less nuisance from flies or other insects. It also smells nice and fresh, which makes visitors come to your house and want to sit in the garden. But of course you also do this for yourself and the neighbors. With handy home, garden and kitchen tips you can prevent much. And prevention is better than cure. With green soap you not only get the smell out of a container but it also cleans up wonderfully well. If it is too much work for you, you can also outsource it. The subscription for this is almost as expensive as doing it yourself. Why waste time when someone else can do it for you?

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