Tom kha kai soup is a dish that has been made in Thailand since 1890. In no time, the recipe also went to other Asian countries. Meanwhile, it is also in the European countries indispensable. It is also a dish that is made in different ways. One of the main ingredients of this soup is the coconut. The recipe is also created for this reason. In those days there were too many coconuts for them to use. Many people have tried to make something out of it. The soup is now an integral part of the culture of many countries worldwide. Lemon grass is often used and lime leaves are added. In addition, as meat in most cases chicken is chosen.

How to make Tom kha kai soup

It is best to make Tom kha kai soup with chicken fillet in the main. You start of course with melting the broth. Note that you do this in the beginning without adding the water. It is also useful if you cut the chicken in advance because you also need to fry it nice and brown. You can also add the vegetables and fry them gently. Then add the water and let it boil until there is foam. You can remove the foam and put a lid on the pan and let it cook for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes you add the coconut milk and fish sauce and let it cook for another 5 minutes. Some people like it better with fish like shrimps. The choice is yours!

Where does this soup come from?

The Tom kha kai soup originates from Thailand. It was created out of pure necessity due to an excess of coconuts. Because a lot of coconut milk is used in this dish, this could be solved. At the same time, a delicious new dish has appeared on the market. Nowadays you can get this soup almost everywhere. However, the soup from the supermarket is not as good as the original you make yourself. The best is to use fresh chicken and lime leaves. This gives it a bit of a fresh taste. It is also good to add some lemongrass. This neutralizes the overpowering taste of the coconut. Coconut products have also become increasingly popular in the Netherlands in recent years. For this reason you can fortunately get fresh soup in plenty of places.

What makes the Tom kha kai soup so popular

Tom kha kai soup is a popular soup because it has everything a soup needs. You taste somewhat of the smoothness of the coconut milk, but you also taste the fresh-sour side of the lemongrass and lime leaves. All in all, it is a subtle soup that does not have an overpowering flavor. However, the use of many ingredients makes it a taste explosion in your mouth. You taste a lot of nature and it is also very healthy. In addition, you can also vary the ingredients to your own taste. This makes the soup different in every household. This way you get ideas and it is a matter of trying out what you like best.

Where can you get Tom kha kai soup so popular

Usually you will find the best Tom kha kai soup at a Thai restaurant. This is because these people grew up with the story behind this soup. It is deep in their hearts to know the history of its origin. In addition, it is in their blood to make the soup exactly as it should taste. They also use original spices that are not available in most supermarkets. This way there is a big difference between a bag of soup from the store and eating out. You can also taste the tradition of different families in this dish.

The preparation of Tom kha kai soup

The preparation of Tom kha kai soup is a bit different than that of other soups. You start by preparing the broth. You do this without water, which we in the Netherlands would be very surprised about. You also add the dry ingredients like lemon grass and lime leaves so the flavours can be released. Then you add the chopped vegetables and let it cook for 20 minutes. Then you also add the coconut milk which is the most important thing in this direction. Finally you add the cleaned pepper and mushrooms or oyster mushrooms. These do not need to cook for long and it is best to do this for a maximum of 5 minutes. As a finishing touch you can add coriander and some lime juice. This will give the dish a bit more spice and a fresh taste. The lime segments are also a nice garnish to serve alongside. They are not as sour as lemons which makes it a nice refreshing appetizer.

Coconut in the Tom kha kai soup

Coconut is the reason the Tom kha kai soup was created. By a surplus of coconut in 1890. It is an easy dish to make which is also a taste explosion of the best ingredients. The dish itself went in a short time to several Asian countries where it was given its own twist. Often chicken is added to this dish, which is prepared in a different way in each Asian country. This led to the creation of several variants and the soup also made its way to the United States. It took some time before this dish came to the European Union. Fortunately, it is a dish that is prepared fresh in more and more places nowadays. This is a dish you must have tasted at least 1x far.

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