Annie Sloan paint is a special designed chalk paint. You can order it in many different colors. In addition, this chalk paint is a breathable and somewhat porous paint. If you want to use it on furniture you need to apply a layer of wax, varnish or wax beforehand. This makes the furniture water repellent and ensures that it lasts longer. You can also have colors mixed by this brand. This gives an even more unique look to your furniture or spaces. The colors are really as they look so they do not vary when you want to apply them. You can combine endlessly with these colors just from home. You do not need a paint store.

Where to buy Annie Sloan paint?

Annie Sloan paint you can buy in the online webshop they have. It is a paint that you can apply in almost all cases without sanding. Also you do not need a primer which can save you a lot of money. Make sure when you use it on furniture that you first put it in wax or varnish. The paints are produced in an environmentally friendly way and are therefore virtually odorless. When you dilute the paint you can also make a so-called colorwash. This is one of the few types of paint with which this is possible. Annie Sloan can also help you with paints and painting techniques. The website is full of tips, trics and tutorials. The prices differ from each other.

What colors of Annie Sloan paint are there?

Annie Sloan paint is available in almost all colors. The advantage is that what you see on the internet is really the color you get. This in contrast to other paint brands. The website will also give you tips to make nice color combinations. This is usually stated in the product description. This way you can create new colors that you can't get in the store. But you can also make a colorwash with different colors. In short, there are enough color combinations to be found. You can also order a colour chart for a small fee. This will give you even more inspiration!

Why do people buy Annie Sloan paint?

People buy Annie Sloan paint in large quantities because it is versatile. In the beginning it was mostly used to refurbish old furniture. But now also walls are made with it in a wash color. A big advantage of this paint is that you can combine it and create the most beautiful colours. It is one of the few brands that write inspirational tips about it in the product description. Another additional advantage is that you hardly need to sand. This is because chalk paint has a grain that takes over the function of the sander. If it goes wrong you can paint over it again in no time because this paint is made on a water basis.

Advantages of Annie Sloan paint

Annie Sloan paint can be used on almost all surfaces. Whether it is wood, concrete or glass you can use chalk paint almost anywhere. It is also one of the most suitable paints for furniture and kitchens. There this paint is used in various colour combinations. But you can also use it for the floor. The colour is also easy to change to a lighter colour, simply by adding some white. The first layer is often dry in half an hour so you can start the second layer the same day. This saves you a lot of time and therefore money. You can also save a lot of money by mixing colours yourself. For a small fee you can order a color chart and mix it yourself at home.

How much can you paint with 1 liter of Annie Sloan paint?

With 1 liter of Annie Sloan paint you can paint up to 12 square meters. Please note that the paint should be applied thinly as recommended. If you paint in 2 layers you can paint 6 square meters. The paint is available in 250 ml or 1000 ml. This ensures that if you come up short, you don't have to order a full bucket. At the end of the day, you will also save a lot of money. They also have special paint for furniture and decorative items. This comes in small cans of 120 ml. Under 10 euros you will have several colors available in most webshops. Annie Sloan

Mixing paint colors

You can choose to mix different colors of Annie Sloan paint. On the color chart which you can order online you can see exactly what is possible. According to the professionals the choice is big and of good quality. You can make the color without a mixing machine so ideal for people who want to try this at home. For each product on the webshop you will find inspiration for colors and how you can make them at home. This is a big advantage compared to other brands. Not everyone prefers the same color. But even when you test it you can think that you have a too dark color. You can solve this by adding some white chalk paint.

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